NZ Ch Sandlewood Order in the Court

Sandlewood Take A
Dam: Ch Sandlewood Sweet Candy Crush
Whelped: 18/1/2017

Hips 1-2 Elbows 0-0 Current clear eye Cert

DNA tested clear for Progressive Rod Cone Degeneration (prcd) – PRA;Generalised PRA 2 (Golden Retriever Type);Generalised PRA 1 (Golden Retriever Type);Skeletal Dysplasia 2 (Mild Disproportionate Dwarfism);Osteogenesis Imperfecta (Golden Retriever Type);Ichthyosis A (Golden Retriever);Dystrophic Epidermolysis Bullosa (Golden Retriever Type);Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscinosis NCL (Golden Retriever Type)

Perry 2 years


Perry 2 years 2 months

9 months

Perry 2 years


Perry is jointly owned by us and our very
good friends Lydia & Land who will be campaigning him in the Nth
Island this year & then the Sth Island once they move down there to


We are thrilled with this


Perry has started his show
At 5 months he has now won 4 times Baby
Puppy of Group.

We are thrilled with this lovely young puppy


Perry has moved up into Puppy class and
at 7 months has won his first Puppy of Group

And at 9 months Perry has won 3 CCs 1
with Best Of Breed 2 with Res Of Breed

Perry has now won 8 times Puppy of

We are so proud of this gorgeous


Perry is now over halfway towards his
Championship Title with 5 CCs

At 19 months Perry wins his 6th CC with
Reserve Of Group-Junior Of Group Plus Junior In Show


And one week later Perry wins his 7th CC
and 8th CC gaining his Championship Title

And 3 weeks later Perry wins Reserve Of Group-Junior of Group plus JUNIOR IN SHOW

One weekend of 3 shows August 2019 Perry wins 3 times Intermediate of Group plus one INTERMEDIATE IN SHOW

Perry comes to visit us at our Golden Retriever Championship Show September 2019 under Jill Pearson and



Perry winning INTERMEDIATE  IN SHOW Aug 2019

Perry 18 months on the move


Perry 16 months


Perry 9 months



Perry 9 months



winning Puppy of Group at 7 months


winning Baby Puppy of Group at 5 months
twice again 2 weeks later


Perry 4 months



3 months


8 week


Pedigree of "NZ CH Sandlewood Order in the Court"
Parents Grandparents Great Grandparents
BISS NZ SPR Champion Sandlewood Take A Bow
Hips 4-1
Elbows 0-0
Current Clear Eyes
MBISS Aust Champion Fantango Backstage Pass
Hips 5-6
Dewmist Silver Song (Imp Swed)
Aust CH Fantango centre stage
MBISS RUISS NZ Champion Sandlewood Ivy's A Gamble
Hips 1-1
NZ Ch Sandlewood Gamble With Gold
NZ CH Kavandale Angeleyes
NZ Champion Sandlewood Sweet Candy Crush
Hips 2-3
Elbows 0-0
Current Clear Eyes
NZ Champion Sandlewood Gamble With Gold
Hips 1-2
Goldfleece Go for Gold at Sandlewood (Imp Aust)
NZ CH Sandlewood Charlies Angel
NZ Champion Sandlewood Maiden Over
Hips 2-2
NZ Ch & Aust Gr Ch Kaparla WicketKeeper (Imp Aust)
NZ CH Kavandale Angeleyes